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Enhance Your Wellness - Lifetime Wellness Care Includes Daily Supplementation

I only recommend supplements from companies that practice Good Manufacturing Practices that exceed FDA Guidelines.

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I recommend that you purchase supplements directly through me or an account you have set up through me with the company, so we can ensure your supplements are not counterfeit, and that they will be safe and perform as expected.

Supplements purchased through Remède Physique receive a 10% customer appreciation discount. Why? Because I want you to purchase from me! I want to know what you are taking, how you are taking it and what the results are. Otherwise, I cannot be of service to you. And that is the most important aspect of the equation. I am here to help you, and I cannot assist if we do not communicate regularly.

How To Take Your Supplements:

When you receive your nutritional recommendations and supplement chart, I outline in detail what each supplement does for you. This is really important, because it relates to your intent to heal.

Your supplement chart will give you instructions as to which supplements need to be taken with food, or on an empty stomach, or in the morning or at night … but independent of these variables all supplements need to be taken with the correct intent.

The correct intent is an intent to heal, to be well, to feel good, and to be happy.

When you take a supplement, look at it and recite what it will do for you before you put it in your mouth. Mentally review how this supplement will support and facilitate your ability to heal, be well, feel good and be happy.

For instance, when I take a swig of Apex Omega Co3 and Super EFA I tell myself that drinking this fish oil will keep me from having pain during my menstrual cycle, reduce inflammation throughout my body and keep my skin free of psoriasis and dermatitis I know that by taking the fish oil I am doing something good for my body. I know that I care enough about my body to give it the nutrients it needs to thrive. And my body responds by doing just that. And best of all, when my body is comfortable to live in, it is very easy for my mind to be content and joyful, and I become a blessing to the Life that surrounds me {human beings, cats, dogs, spiders, shrubbery ... you get the point}.

Taking your supplements with the intent to heal is a form of “taking thoughts captive.”There is a growing body of research around the benefits of “practicing noble thoughts” and their positive effects on neuroplasticity. Research to date links this practice to alterations in health and physiology, cognitive control, emotional regulation, responsiveness to pain, and a large array of positive clinical outcomes.

That is why I encourage you to take your supplements with gratitude to God and an intent to heal and watch this simple practice of mindfulness intensify the physiological effects of the nutrients.

Many Blessings, Vanessa

Quality Supplements ~ Blog Excerpt:

Just Google the phrase "are your supplements made in China" and you will be rewarded with thousands of articles written on the topics of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and how to avoid counterfeit and cheap, dangerous supplements.

Anyone that begins the process of Nutritional Coaching can be overwhelmed by the seemingly 'high cost' of quality supplements … mostly becaues we are so familiar with seeing row upon row of cheap vitamins at warehouse stores and chain retailers. Many of these types of vitamins are so cheap because they are synthetic … interestingly our bodies are not able to assimilate synthetic vitamins, so they are basically useless, and many of them are flat out unhealthy. There are mounds of studies on the 'inefficacy' and health risks of synthetic vitamins. That's why so many allopathic physicians are so skeptical about nutritional supplementation … there are more unhealthy, ineffective vitamins on the market than there are good ones.

Example #1: Study Using Synthetic Beta Carotene and Vitamin E Halted– 29,000 male smokers were given synthetic beta carotene and synthetic Vitamin E. The study was stopped when rates of lung cancer, heart attacks and death increased.- New England Journal of Medicine, 1994

Example#2: Birth Defects Increased For Women On Synthetic Supplements– 22,748 pregnant women were given synthetic Vitamin A. The study was halted because birth defects increased 400%.- New England Journal of Medicine, 1995

Example#3: Men Get Thickened Arteries On Synthetic Supplements– Men who took 500 mg of synthetic Vitamin C daily over eighteen months showed signs of thickening of the arteries.- Reuters Health, March, 2000

Any of you who have been working with me and taking supplements know first hand how well your supplements work. The reason is that the supplements I recommend are made from real whole foods and natural ingredients … substances your body recognizes and knows what to do with. And, the companies I recommend all follow current GMPs that exceed FDA guidelines for dietary supplements. This ensures the safety and efficacy of the products.

Unfortunately, once you find brands you know and trust … you still have to be on your guard in regards to WHERE/WHO you purchase your supplements from. Counterfeit supplements are a huge problem. That is why I only recommend purchasing directly from the manufacturers … not from online cheap vitamin warehouse companies. If the supplement is being sold cheaper than is available from the manufacturer, be on alert. If the website is based in a foreign country, has no contact or customer service information - avoid it!

As Gary Collins MS, former FDA and HHS employee, writes: “No reputable company using high quality ingredients can manufacture high-end supplements cheaply. It just isn't possible.”


An article from the Epoch Times explaining the issues with synthetic nutrients: The Supplements You Take May Not Be True Nutrients

An article from Dr. Mercola: Are Most Fish Oil Products Synthetic?

An article on Biotics Research Blog: From Mercury to Microplastics: The Importance of Fish Oil Purity

An article on Biotics Research Blog: Not All Supplements are Created Equally

R A T E S:

Nutritional Balancing fees are a combination of the cost of your blood work requisition plus the analysis fee.

Blood work requisitions vary in price. The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel + Thyroid is $398.

The Initial Assessment & Analysis {in-house or distance} is $375.

Follow-up Consultations {in-house or distance} are $187.50.

Cancellation Policy:

24-hour notice must be given. The full rate of the session is required if 24-hour notice is not given. Please have regard for fellow patients experiencing discomfort and courteously cancel at least 24 hours prior to your session so that other people have a chance to plan for and use your valuable appointment.

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