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Meet Vanessa

Vanessa began her career in Landscape Architecture, with a BLA from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. In 2003 she changed paths, graduating from Mountain State School of Massage {Charleston, WV}. Vanessa is a Licensed {LMT}, Nationally Board Certified {NCTMB} Massage Therapist {LMT} with certification in Structural Integration. 

Vanessa is a passionate Doctor of Natural Medicine {DNM} and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner {NTP} certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association.Vanessa earned her Doctor of Natural Medicine degree with the University of Natural Medicine. The subject of her dissertation was "Natural Therapeutics for Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation.” She continues to pursue her education with studies that focus on removing the root causes of pain: anatomically, physiologically and mentally/spiritually.

Vanessa has continuing education certification in nutritional blood chemistry analysis and balancing body chemistry with Apex Energetics and Biotics Research; and certification in Herbal Studies with Sage Mountain.

Vanessa is happily married and lives with her husband, John Hendley, in Greenbrier County, WV.


My interest in wellness and healing began with my own healing journey which revealed to me that true healing is multi-faceted. It occurs on three main levels: structurally, physiologically and mentally/spiritually. 

The source of wellness lies in our thoughts and alignment with God. If you change the way you think, you will change what you do. And if you change your actions, you change your circumstances.


As a healthcare practitioner it is my goal to help you to achieve optimum wellbeing

The best analogy can be found in sports. Imagine you play on a team. Your team is down to the last few moments of the game. You need a goal, a home run, a fast finish, etc. to win. Well, I am the player you want to have on your team because I want to get winning results for you. I want to have the ball, hit the home run and race the last lap because I know that I genuinely want to assist you to achieve your best potential health, wellness and happiness in life. 


When you come to me, in essence you hire me as your private investigator. It is my goal to reveal aspects that are limiting your full expression of health and vitality … whether it is nutritional imbalance, structural imbalance or unresolved emotions, I will work with you to bring your highest vision of health, happiness and vitality to fruition. 

I welcome questions and look forward to working with you. May your healing be every bit as rewarding as mine is.

Many Blessings and Peace! Vanessa

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,

in everything give thanks; for this is

the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

1 Thessalonians 5:6-7 NKJV

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