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Remède: something that corrects, cures or relieves 

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This store is ONLY for patients of Vanessa Hendley DNM | NTP at Remède Physique. The supplement companies we work with require that you be under the care of a licensed practitioner. Supplements are not available to the general public.

Functional blood chemistry analysis and structural bodywork, full spectrum infrared sauna, Bioptron light therapy …

Is what you think you know about nutrition actually correct or even true?

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Remède Physique is a home-based business. The treatment office is located at our home in Lewisburg, WV.

Remède Physique offers powerful, one-on-one, creative coaching on what you need to break through limiting beliefs, destructive diet and/or lifestyle habits that inhibit your optimal health and wellness.

Vanessa’s talents shine in helping you create personalized pain management plans that include massage therapy, diet and lifestyle refinements. Vanessa is a natural healer specializing in functional blood chemistry analysis and structural integration of the bones, fascia and muscles. She formulates wellness regimens based on each person’s unique bio-individuality; employing modalities such as nutritional supplementation, herbalism, essential oils, phototherapy and myofascial manipulation.

A session with Vanessa leaves you feeling refreshed, renewed, enthused and serene.

Draw forth your full expression of health and vitality!

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